Steve Davison has now joined forces with the creator of this method and with his programming team come up with an automated method to find these arbing opportunities with relative ease. Named Zero Risk Trader – you log into the software select UK/Irish races, select your staking requirements and if necessary a required ROI for the trade and press the Scan button. All qualifying race selections will appear with the amount of money currently available on the exchange and the current Bookmaker(s) offering the required price to maximise your return. There is also an autoscan feature whereby the software will refresh the list every few minutes keeping you up to date with any further qualifying races/selections as the markets fluctuate throughout the day. Double clicking a selection in the results window shows the detail for the selection and what the outcome will be if the horse wins, places or loses the race. As the title suggests, provided you place your stakes in accordance with the detail on the screen and get all of your stake matched at the price shown, you will not lose/ at worst, breaking even.