RATE THE RACES DELUXE – Review: Final Verdict

Rate the Races Deluxe
By Tony Grant

You could say that I am a professional punter although that might not quite capture the full truth. I don’t have the mansion and the trappings of glorious success but then again, you never know what might happen as we move forward. What I do have though is a set of tools that I use and rely upon day by day. These tools might change from time to time and dependent on whether they serve me well. One of the tools that has survived the test of time is the Rate The Races Deluxe software tool. I have used this tool since the early days and in fairness, I would say that the earlier versions suited me far more as it also covered some of the international race cards. However, the source of the key ratings changed their format a few months back and this resulted in RTRD (Rate The Races Deluxe) being recoded and revamped into its new interface.

What Does Rate The Races Deluxe Do?

RTRD is a very simple to use Windows based application that you can run each day to get the Top 1, 2 or 3 runners for every race in UK and Ireland. The selections have a points rating and you can even select to show the difference for ease of spotting the best betting opportunities. The software can be run any time after 3am UK on any racing day but it is better to wait until after 9am if you can. This is so that the non-runners have been declared and removed.

How Can You Use Rate The Races Deluxe?

You can go in and check the ratings on races you are interested in to give you more confidence in your selections for the day. You can even just go grab the whole Top Runners from all races and have these opened up in a CSV file that can so easily be manipulated in Excel. This is actually what I do every day. I grab the selections, sort them to my own needs and then drop them into my trading bot to work their magic.

Does Rate The Races Really Work Magic?

Well of course, you will always get good days and less good days but I have seen pretty consistent gains from my use of the RTRD software. In fact, I even sent Steve Davison an email telling him to make the software a monthly paid for service, it is that good! Lucky for everyone else though, Steve resisted and kept it to a one-off purchase price that even includes all upgrades. What If You Don’t Have Any Personal Systems? No worries there. Steve and the gang have been crunching all the results over the months and years to work out exactly where RTRD performs best. These guys have used that information to develop 3 strategies that will suit most people’s betting tastes. Using these strategies is also a pretty sure way to bring in long term gains. I say long-term because betting never should be viewed per race or even per day. But if you can look at these systems with a view that extends beyond the next win or loss, then I really feel you should get a great return on your very modest investment for RTRD.

So Tell Me The Highlights Again!

* RTRD is a PC Based Software Tool
* RTRD Selects The Top 1, 2 or 3 runners from each UK & Irish Race
* RTRD Can be used to strengthen your own selections
* RTRD can also be used with the 3 provided strategies.

It really is one program that is a no-brainer to buy. You turn it on each morning, you take about 20 seconds to run through all the races and then export to a CSV file if you so wish. And the reason I say it is a no-brainer is because I use it every day and I make money almost every day from the RTRD selections.

Other Information:

For your money you get:

* A licence to run the software on one desktop PC (or laptop)
* Support & Updates
* 3 Profitable Systems based on years of analysis
Oh, and a tool that is absolutely worth every single penny…and some!

Tony Grant


Update 28/01/2013:

Following on from my recent review of Rate The Races Deluxe, I thought it might be of benefit to show some actual proof of the results you could expect from the software. Today we saw an All-weather card from Wolverhampton where RTRD consistently performs well. As you can see from my Betfair trading sheet, using the Top2 selections for each race returned an impressive 6 winners on the day out of 8 events. This represents a 75% strike rate and on level stakes returned around 5pts profit. Ok, I admit that 5pts doesn’t sound a lot but if you multiplied that by every day in the month, then it certainly starts to sparkle a little bit more.

Also, I use a staking plan that I have personally created and I actually returned 5x that profit on the selections below at exactly the same liability so again, this is proof of what can be done with a little thought and testing.

Wolverh.   Selection name    Bet type   Average Odds   Result
13:40       Hab ReehBack         Back          2.8             RESULT_WON
13:40       Prigsnov Dancer       Back          75              RESULT_LOST
14:10       Lord Buffhead          Back            3              RESULT_WON
14:10       Artful Lady               Back         6.8             RESULT_LOST
14:40       Hiddon Coin             Back         2.54            RESULT_WON
14:40       Marmot Bay             Back          6.8             RESULT_LOST
15:10       Bouyrin                   Back             5             RESULT_LOST
15:10       Go Far                     Back          4.9             RESULT_LOST
15:40       Bussa                      Back         3.05            RESULT_LOST
15:40       Restless Bay            Back           7.2            RESULT_LOST
16:10       Mick Dundee            Back         2.04            RESULT_WON
16:10       Amelia Hull              Back         3.85            RESULT_LOST
16:40       Naru                       Back          3.4             RESULT_WON
16:40       Walter White            Back          7.2             RESULT_LOST
17:10       Hepworth                 Back         3.15            RESULT_WON
17:10       Mazij                       Back           25             RESULT_LOST

I hope this is of additional value to you in your decision making and hope you find similar great results for yourself soon from Rate the Races Deluxe.

Tony Grant