TOTAL BETTING CLUB – Review: Final Verdict

A Review of The Total Betting Club
By Tony Grant

As this is my first product review, I thought I should maybe outline a very brief background of my experience with Sports Betting. I have always held an interest in financial markets, so when I decided to step back from the cut and thrust of running my own consultancy business, it seemed a natural development for me to pursue this activity. My wife is an active Corporate Stock Market Trader, but despite having this inside track, I still found this to be a quite difficult market to enter into. Mainly because of the complexity of moving money in and out of accounts. I then turned my attentions to the Forex Market but found again that the rigidity of account management was somewhat stifling to me. Because of this interest though, I found myself on certain mailing lists and noticed Sports Trading Systems filtering through into my in-box. It wasn’t long before I realised that the nature of the markets are not too dissimilar, yet becoming involved in Sports Trading was so very much easier, and in fact, so much more fun too! So here I was, delving into a market that I knew little about before this moment but one that I embraced with full enthusiasm. Roll forward a few years to the present date and I now believe I have developed a very good psychology for Sports Trading and felt it was time to open up some of my analysis to anyone who might benefit. I am hoping that you will get to know a more about me from reading my reviews, but right now this is meant to be about The Total Betting Club and so I think it is time to turn towards that.

Overview of The Total Betting Club

I have been aware of The Total Betting Club for over a year now and have been an active member for some of that time. The Club is essentially an online meeting place where people of a like mind gather together to share their systems and results, often pooling their knowledge to help develop the core systems to ever growing success. Although many sports are discussed, the focusses mostly on Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Football systems. Perhaps the topic of most interest to many members is the ‘Best Current System’ where you can go to find exactly what it says… The Systems that are consistently performing the best over several months of testing. Also, because some of the systems are triggered by BetFair Markets, there is access to a Betting Bot (software application) to automate the systems and allow you to sit back and enjoy the Club’s incredible success.

Who Is This For?

The Total Betting Club is very much System Based Betting rather than Form Based. This means that for the most part, selections for each day are made by Odds or Market Placement rather than any in-depth knowledge of the traditional form or race card. This makes it an ideal place for those who are looking for an entry point into betting and might not have the breadth of experience required to spot a value bet. Having said that, it is also not just a place for beginners. the forum has daily contributions from many seasoned experts and offers great value for people of all experience. In my own view, I would say that the club is ideal for anyone wanting to extent their betting to another level and to put systems in place that don’t require any real analysis, yet return pretty consistent and proven profits over a long term..

What Do I Get?

For the recurring monthly payment of £19.95, you will get access to each and every system, as well as a trial offer for a software bot to automate those systems if you so choose. You would also have access to many knowledgeable people via the forum. Your questions are usually answered very fully and very promptly too.In the ‘Best Current Systems’ area, you will find around 8-10 top performing systems that have impressive and proven returns on your investment. In addition to this, there are a myriad of other systems, including threads on Football and Greyhound racing, so there really is something for almost everyone.

What Sort of Betting Bank Do I Need?

That of course is very much down to personal preference and again highlights a strength of the Club. You really can use these systems with banks as little as £25 or £50, going up to whatever size the market will stand (and that can be pretty high). I personally tested the systems using a £100 virtual bank and never got anywhere near to empty although I wouldn’t say that it couldn’t happen. Using a £100 bank and playing most of the systems in the Best Current Systems area, I do tend to get daily growth on my bank and any systems that do return a loss on the day, tend to go on and return a profit over the week.

How Many Bets Would I need to Place?

This can vary and could be as little as 1 or 2 a day and up to 10s or even 100s. It really does depend on how you play the systems and how quickly you get your target returns. To get the most from the Club, I would say that you should expect to have several bets being placed through a day and you must be comfortable with that. If you start on lower banks, you can build up your confidence over time and in many ways, the systems actually help to develop a much better betting psychology. As an example of a typical day, on Saturday 12 January 2013, the Horse Racing started at around 12:30 and all of my systems had closed in profit by 1:30 with about 65pts profit. Now, that is maybe not a typical day but it is not far from it. However, other days could take you right up to the last race so please don’t expect miracles every day.

Is It For Me?

I want to start to summarise this review now as I am sure you will be getting keen to go explore the Total Betting Club for yourself.

If you are wondering whether the club is for you, then this is my brief summary:

Low Monthly Membership with No Commitment;
Access to many Proven Systems with Impressive Returns;
Access to Automated Betting Software to manage the systems;
Solid long term returns on your investment;
A good place to strengthen and develop a good betting psychology;
Nothing at all to lose from trying!

Well, I say nothing at all. Of course there is risk and you should not expect to be printing money as if the TBC were your personal ATM but with a common sense approach, there is every reason to believe you can find betting success within the club.

How Has The Club Performed In 2012:

Here is a summary of the best performing systems of 2012:

The Junior LFM 504.63 points (7 months)
The LFM Original 876.33 points
(in 2011 this made 439.65 points)
LFM Safer Version (under half stakes) 712.64 points
(in 2011 this made 579.99 points)
LFM Safer Version (double stakes but still less than original!) 1,425.28 points
(in 2011 this made 1,159.98 points)
SFFS 206.18 points (3 months)
New Extended LFM 433.1 points (3 months)
The Old Three Four 466.59 points
(in 2011 this made 790.87 points)
Second Is Best (laying) 75.38 points
(in 2011 55.97 points and in 2010 174.63 points)
Selective Old One Two 210.37 points (6 months)
(currently being improved – news on this to follow!!)
New Ikea 794.88 points
(in 2011 this made 800.98 points)
Irish TOTF 137.36 points (6 months)
Collectively the above systems generated a huge total profit of 3,704.82 points.

Remember, all of the systems’ rules are available to all members and all of the systems’ threads are updated daily with the full results. Any potential selections are posted pre-racing. This is all done daily not just for the convenience of the members but as a way to prove that all results claimed are 100% accurate.