Free in play trade course from Dean Booty (DBM). Just enter your email address to receive over 7 hours of video content. Covers what is Betfair, entry and exit Points, mindset, case studies and more. If the introduction video is anything to go by I’m sure the trading videos will be an enjoyable watch. DBM also does a regular podcast and a daily You Tube video. Throughout the site you’ll see mentions of his horse racing trading in running betting software. The software is divided into 2 sections: Section 1 – The in-play finder builds a list of DOBs (Double or Bust) / In play trades. You set the filters and the software lists all horses that fit the criteria Section 2 – The bot allows you to set your trades with a couple of clicks and it will place your bets at the times you specify. Dean doesn’t have the software for sale all the time, but opens the doors 3 or 4 times a year and takes on new customers. That way he can ensure he has the resources to support any issues you have when getting to know the software. Therefore if you want to get his software it’s worthwhile joining his email waiting list, so that you get notified when the doors are next opened.