About HorseRaceBase

I created HorseRaceBase initially as a hobby to assist me with my studies into horse racing. I am a self taught computer programmer and work on the site with the kind assistance of some family and friends who help out when able.

After a while, a couple of my friends started to use the tools I had created and offered some very good feedback. This made me think putting the site online for all of us to use and collaborate on would be worthwhile. We agreed a monthly donation should be made towards the costs of running HorseRaceBase and to assist with its continued development. My idea was to avoid the site becoming like others I had became frustrated with. I want HorseRaceBase to be extremely powerful and unrivalled in terms of functionality but for example never plaster the site with adverts, pop-ups, items for sale, wildly extravagant claims of riches or any other irritating characteristic.

My philosophy remains the same to this day and every single tool and facility on the site has came about thanks to members opinions, requests and comments. The donations received are put towards the continued development, maintenance and improvement of the site.

If you are interested in horse racing and understand strategy and discipline are required then HorseRaceBase can assist you with your studies, daily horse racing activities and portfolio management. Try a free trial now!!