GOLDEN KEY METHOD 2 – Review: Final Verdict

Welcome to our Golden Key Method Review.

This manual has been produced by the authors of ALL BY THE BOOK. The All By The Book system has passed our test with fanfare so if you have enjoyed the rewards from All By The Book, then you will love to add this system to your betting portfolio.

They first released Golden Key ONE in 2008 when there was limited opportunity to fully explore this method. Now in 2010 the opportunites have increased! When they first released the Golden Key Method there were only 2 Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers and now there are 9! The method can be used on all forms of racing: National Hunt, Flat, AW, USA meetings. day and night racing or only on weekends. You’ll get a pdf manual plus two videos which outline TWO variants in action.

Variant 1: Is Actioned at around 11.30am to 12 noon and once the bets are placed that is it (if you use a bot recommended.) This method uses UK Best Odds Guaranteed bookies and Betfair.

Our recommended Betting Bots are BETBOTPRO and GHB.

Variant 2. This is a more hands on method for people who can follow the races. You would set your bets up around noon. Then you wait until racing starts to use the second part of the method, no bot is required.

Product Name: Golden Key Method 2
Supplier/Author: Winningmore
Type: Horse Racing System

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The systems claim of 100 points per month is quite optimistic but the results were quite astonishing. All in all the Golden Key Method 2 performed pretty well making 123.80 points profit (variant 1) and 117.50 points (variant 2). During the trial the system was analysed on average four to five days a week.

Profit/Loss on 90 Day Review:  123.80 points   
Average Profit per day:  1.37 points    
Longest Losing Run:  2 Days   
Longest Winning Run:  12 Days 
Maximum Loss (in one day):  1.6 points    
Maximum Gain (in one day):  9.5 points

Profit/Loss on 90 Day Review:  117.50 points   
Average Profit per day:  1.3    
Longest Losing Run: 1 Days   
Longest Winning Run: 10 Days 
Maximum Loss (in one day): 1.8 points    
Maximum Gain (in one day): 8.4 points

All By The Books stable mate is a powerful system. The strategy is incredibly adaptable you may also use it weekends solely. The system can be applied on almost every day of the year. It does involve having accounts with Betfair and UK bookies, so if you can not access Betfair, then you should stop reading. If you have a Betfair account you are half way there.

The particular tools webpage can be quite helpful with 3 video tutorials about how make use of the strategy, a download link to a calculation sheet which keeps an archive of the bets and works out P/L with regard to the two variations, a video about how to use the actual sheet also plus other goods on the "resources" page.

Let’s Summarize the strategy of "GOLDEN KEY METHOD":
A method used on UK Horse Racing, bets placed before Lunch.
It uses bookmakers and Betfair.
It has a built in "insurance" action that limits loses! Does not use bookie bonuses!
You will get a PDF that tells you how to use the Golden Key! No BS only a few pages long!
It can be used on all Racing, National Hunts, Flat, and AW, USA meetings. Day and Night racing and/or only on weekends

Bank Requirements? 100 points. So a 2 Pound bettor will need a £200 bank.
Selections are obvious to spot.

The Golden Key Method 2 is actually a strategy not only a system and just like its companion ALL BY THE BOOK it is a must have to any betting portfolio.

The system will be sectioned into the PASSED area.

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